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Hello and thank you for visiting Refined Traveler. I'm Brian Roberts.

Before I started this brand, I traveled tens of thousands of miles conducting hundreds of hours of interviews with some of the brightest minds of our time. Billionaires, scientists, heads of state, you name it.

Stories of mine have been in The Washington Post, and published in Forbes, Time, Inc., CNBC, USA Today, Entrepreneur and more. For most of my travels, my only companion was a simple vegan leather duffel bag I designed years ago.

Back when I first had it made, I only had enough money to order one sample. Since I didn't have enough money to make any more, I decided to just keep the product sample as my own personal bag.

To be frank with you, I didn't think much of it after. But, over the years, random travelers would stop to ask me about it, and the more I traveled—no matter where I was in the world—the more it happened. Eventually, I couldn't get through an airport without being stopped. That’s when I knew I was onto something

So I got to work. My first focus? The product.

I thought of all those times I was in a cramped plane seat, fighting through my bag to get my laptop or headphones without elbowing the person next to me.

“Let’s make it easy to access all those things.

I thought of all those days I had a full schedule. Gym. Work. Family. Friends. You know. Those packed days.

“Let’s make sure these vegan bags look good enough to go anywhere.”

I thought of all the other vegan leather bags I owned over the years. More often than not, they were just cheap plastic junk.

“Let’s raise the standard and make sure this looks and feels far better than your average vegan leather bag.”

I even thought of all the cows I saw, packed into cramped, filthy pens while passing through Texas on a coast-to-coast motorcycle trip I took back in 2014. It was an eye-opening experience for me. So I had to myself:

“Let’s make sure no animal is harmed.”

Then I thought of how to make it special, because you can get a stylish vegan leather bag plenty of places. Often for a lot less, too. Why us?

"To make the world a little bit better with every bag sold."

That's why.

This commitment to making the world better applies to us as a company, too. It's why we want to make sure you absolutely love your new bag from us.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or concerns about your new vegan leather bag from us, tell me personally: brian@refinedtraveler.club

Thank you for helping make the world better,
signature of Refined Traveler founder Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts
Refined Traveler